A: Any transaction query should contact our staff as soon as possible, we will investigate and give you result in a timely manner.

A: To deal with Webtrade will reduce your cost of transaction and more flexible payment method.

A: Sure, as long we can contact and confirm your trade detail with you by telephone, fax, email or any internet media, you don’t have to come in to our branch in person, unless it’s a cash transaction.

A: Under normal circumstances, incorrect banking detail could result fund will return, unless it is wrongfully match with your provided banking detail. When the fund is return, intermediary bank could have some charges and our transaction fees are not refundable.

A: All remittance transaction requires the following:
Beneficiary: Account name, bank name, bank address, account number, residential address, SWIFT Code/ (International transfer code)
The more detail provided, the easier for fund hit the account.

A: There are charges occur when fund transfer to overseas, no charges for local transfer. Cash to Cash money exchange also no extra fees, all cash to cash cost are included in exchange rate.

A: We don’t have a minimum or maximum transfer limit.

A: Webtrade can pay to customer by Cash and bank transfer. For Cash payment require customer attend to our branch in person.

A: The client can pay the fund to the client by cash and transfer: 1.Cash method: customers can visit Webtrade in person, and Webtrade will directly pay cash to customers; 2. Bank transfer:  Webtrade can transfer funds to the bank account designated by the customer through the inter-bank transfer method (this method is strongly recommended by  Webtrade to save time for customers).

A:The adoption of advanced electronic and automated real-time transaction system based on computer network technology to manage daily foreign exchange business has significantly reduced the internal operation cost of Webtrade compared with other counterparts, and greatly improved the operation efficiency of funds.The low cost and high efficiency, the huge total transaction volume, reduce the operating cost and transaction cost of Webtrade, so that Webtrade can provide better foreign exchange exchange price.

Operating Procedure

○ 01


Photo ID + Address Info

○ 02


Bank Transfer or Limited Cash

○ 03


Best Rate in the Market

○ 04


Receive Fund in Timely Manner

1.Please contact us to acquire our latest bank account details. In some cases, you can choose to fix the exchange rate at this stage.

2. Telegraphic transfer the fund into our bank account. Alternatively, we accept a small amount of cash at the counter.

3.Please provide us a copy of your successful deposited receipt, together with recipient’s banking details. Our staff will contact you once your fund is clear.

4.We will pay cash or credit your recipient’s account accordingly.

We will process your payment according to the detail given, If the payment failed due to incorrect beneficiary details, the transfer charge is not refundable. We will not be liable for other losses arising therefrom.

— Fee and Charges —

Transaction fee

AUD20 to China

AUD 30 to Hong Kong

AUD 40 to elsewhere

Less than AUD$10,000 local bank transfer

AUD 10

— Non-Standard fee —

Non-Exchange fee


TT Amendment

Bank Charges + AUD$30

Please Note

* HKD to HK there is local bank fee 100HKD deduct from amounts transferred

* Our Bank account do not accept cash deposit, there will be penalty 2% if deposit Cash

* International transfer will occur intermediate bank charges

*  No remittance to high risk or sanctioned countries

AUSTRAC Registered

Webtrade is registered with Australian Transaction reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) as Independent Remitter Dealer, AUSTRAC Account Number (AAN): 10051703