Frequently ask questions

What can I do if I have query regarding the trade I made?

A: Any executed trade query should contact our staff as soon as possible, we will investigate and give you result in a timely manner.

I am commercial customer, what is the advantage to deal with Webtrade?

A: To deal with Webtrade will reduce your cost of transaction and more flexible payment method.

I am not in Sydney, can I still able to trade with you?

A: Sure, as long we can contact and confirm your trade detail with you by telephone, fax, email or any internet media, you don’t have to come in to our branch in person, unless it’s a cash transaction.

Is there any risk if I accidently provided wrong banking detail?

A: Under normal circumstances, incorrect banking detail could result fund will return, unless it is wrongfully match with your provided banking detail. When the fund is return, intermediary bank could have some charges and our transaction fees are not refundable.

What information I need to prepare for remittance?

A: All remittance transaction requires the following:
Beneficiary: Account name, bank name, bank address, account number, residential address, SWIFT Code/ (International transfer code)
The more detail provided, the easier for fund hit the account.

What are the fees and charges?

A: There are charges occur when fund transfer to overseas, no charges for local transfer. Cash to Cash money exchange also no extra fees, all cash to cash cost are included in exchange rate.

Are there any transfer limit?

A: We don’t have a minimum or maximum transfer limit.

How Webtrade pay to customer?

A: Webtrade can pay to customer by Cash and bank transfer. For Cash payment require customer attend to our branch in person.