Operating Procedure


Photo ID + Address Info


Bank Transfer or Limited Cash


Best Rate in the Market


Receive Fund in Timely Manner

Step 1:

Acquire account

. Please contact us to acquire our latest bank account details. In some cases, you can choose to fix the exchange rate at this stage.

Step 2:


. Deposit the fund into our bank account. Alternatively, we accept a small amount of cash at the counter.

Step 3:

Return receipt

. Please provide us a copy of your successful deposited receipt, together with recipient’s banking details. Our staff will contact you once your fund is clear.

Step 4:


. We will pay cash or credit your recipient’s account accordingly.

We will process your payment according to the detail given, If the payment failed due to incorrect beneficiary details, the transfer charge is not refundable. We will not be liable for other losses arising therefrom.