Online trading procedure

Online trading Registration

For first time user, please visit our website for registration. You will need to provide us with a valid photo identification including proof of address (Utility bill, council rate, bank statement) to any one of our branches.

You will also need to have;

  • Valid email address

Once registered we will provide you with a Unique login number and initial password will be sent to your registered email.

Deposit, Trading and Withdrawal

Customer transferring funds to Webtrade managed bank account we will be confirmed and recorded.

  • Customer login “Webtrade online” and then to “Currency Exchange” menu, select appropriate exchange model. For example; Full amount exchange or price lock.
  • After entering currency pairs, the system will automatically display the real-time executable exchange rate.
  • When the system displays the exchange rate, there is a 10 seconds’ time-frame to decide or reject the exchange rate. Once the exchange rate is confirmed and accepted, the exchange rate is now locked (lock-in fee may apply)
  • Once the process is completed, the client can select “Fund Transfer Out” function, then enter receiver’s banking details and submit.

When the withdraw request is accepted by our back office, the funds will be transferred to the designated bank account as instructed.